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His voice was as high as Mariah Carey hitting a high note saying “off! I’m like welllllllll you do what you want, you’re a grown woman, but I am not a quitter. If I quit a show every time a character drove me insane I would have zero TV to watch. Her mother is of half-Finnish and half-Swedish ancestry and her father is of Jewish ancestry.

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Alexandra and Louisa Burch and Amanda Hearst hosted an intimate dinner in the never-before-seen duplex penthouse at Property Markets Group's 10 Sullivan to raise money and awareness for Animal Haven and their new shelter opening on Centre Street.

I forgot how much Bethanny and Ramona together talking over one another makes me want to find a xanax and wash it down with a full-fat-salt-rimmed-margarita.

but luckily Kim and Brandi are such horrible human beings, when you finally strike back with anger, no one blinks twice at the shattering of a wine glass in Yolanda’s beloved home town of Amsterdamn.

Tom Ford generously donated exclusive gift bags with Tom Ford fragrances for each guest in support of Animal Haven.

sexual anthem MIDDLESEXGORGE (1990), Stephen Petronio's signature piece created during the height of the AIDS epidemic, at their highly anticipated 2016 Benefit Gala.

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