Nichole cordova dating danny fernandes

The shirt saying "Latinas do it better" was worn during the music video for Like Me. She and Tiffanie Anderson are the only two contestants to have never made it into the bottom two.Birth Date: August 17th 1989 Birth Name: Nichole Cordova Birthplace: Texas City, Texas, USA She only moved to L. Her closest friends in the competition were Charlye Nichols and Tiffanie Anderson(who also made it in Girlicious).

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"Private Dancer", was played on Much Music Countdown."Fantasy" spent over 14 weeks on the national radio show but was unable to crack the official Canadian Top 20.While out on tour, Fernandes and Nichole Cordova of Girlicious had both confirmed that they have been dating since end of 2008.She was known for being very competitive but was able to make it all the way with her fellow contestants in time.She is often seen sporting message T-Shirts during her performances such as "Latinas do it better" or her infamous quote "Beauty is a talent". Nichole was known during the show for her strong vocals but the judges often said they would like to see her push more.

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