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Guests included Anita Ko, Ash Margs Fish, Tessa Benton Tooley, Mark Ronson, Sara Riff, Carlos Eric Lopez, Kelly Sawyer and John Janick.

Their shower cake was made by Susie Cakes Bakery and cookies were provided by Eleni's New York.

the music video starts with Fabolous creeping back into bed in the morning with one twin sister, after spending the night with the other twin.It continues showing him with the two women in similar places, expressing his admiration for both, even buying two copies of a necklace for each twin.Mike Shorey and Lil' Mo sing the chorus after each dating scene."I was gutted when Hugo said he didn't fancy me on the show.But then, after the TV date, his hyper-energetic mood calmed down and I saw the real Hugo.

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